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  • Bookings and COVID -19 - At this strange and difficult time you may feel concerned about booking with us because of the uncertainty regarding future dates and the ongoing pandemic situation. We feel positive that we will be able to party again in Summer 2021 and onwards. If not then we are not applying any cancellation fees for Covid related postponements - we will work with you in rebooking your date with no fees being added.

  • Can we come and see you play?  As we mainly play private closed events it is difficult to see us play live. However we do sometimes play public dates and we do hold open rehearsals where you can come and see us play and have a chat. Please 'like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to hear about our open rehearsals.


  • Will you learn a special request or our first dance?  We love being able to play special requests that will make your event memorable. A first dance should be something special to you both and we would learn this for you so long as it suits a four piece band.


  • We have seen a cheaper three piece band, what's different?   A three piece band will not be able to play as many different styles of songs as a four piece band - especially one with keyboards. Listen to 'Wonderwall' with no strings or 'Uptown Funk' with no brass?! Most three piece bands will play to some kind of backing track, we are fully live!


  • Why do you have a separate sound company come with you?   We work alongside our sound company because we believe in providing the best quality sound for your event. Most bands control the sound themselves, which is ok, but as the evening gets livelier so will you and your guests and the sound changes. Our sound guys are always there to keep everything sounding fantastic for you. You can find out more about the sound company here at


  • Is it cheaper to not have the DJ?   As we use the PA that our sound company supply the DJ brings no extra cost. If you really don't want there to be music before, between or after our sets then that's totally up to you!


  • What times do you play? We will work closely with you to find the best times for your event. In general we arrive between 5-6pm to setup and soundcheck. This takes around an hour, then the DJ will take care of everything until the band starts. Again set times vary and we will work with you to find out the best set times for your event. We generally finish playing live music around midnight with our DJ taking over if your event continues later. Just ask and we can help you find the best times for your special event!


  • Our venue is quite small....will you fit?  Having played venues that hold everything from 30 -2500 guests we can fit in most venues, we've even played in someones lounge! Plus because we only use one PA everything is very professional and neat.


  • Can we choose songs from your setlist? Absolutley! We love making our setlists personal to you. We still need some input too though, to help with set-flow and keys of songs etc. You can see an example setlist here.


  • Will the DJ take requests?  The DJ will either choose songs himself or you can request every single song he plays, it's totally up to you!


  • Do you have insurance and are you PAT tested? Most venues request both insurance and PAT tested equipment. We hold public liability insurance and we are fully PAT tested. Please just ask us if your venue requires these documents.


  • How do we book you? Just send us a message via email, contact form or phone to find out our availability. Then we ask for a small booking fee and we exchange signed contracts - giving you the same reliability as the big music agencies.


  • Do you have a rider?  We are not like some crazy rock stars that demand white kittens and only blue smarties in a bowl. We simply ask for some food that's preferably warm and a small tab at the bar for some drinks. We promise not to throw any TVs out of any windows!


       If you cannot find your question here then please get in contact with us. We look forward to hearing from you!





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