Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never booked a band before and are wondering about anything then hopefully you will find the answer here...if not just ask!

What time do you arrive?

We usually arrive at 6pm to setup our equipment and then we have a sound check. For most events this fits in with evening timings and causes little disruption to any event.

With corporate and charity events, we will always set up and sound check before guests arrive, then play later in the evening.

How long does it take you to setup?

It takes us around one hour to setup and sound check. This time may increase if our access isn't that easy as sometimes we have to take stairs or lifts to get to our performance space. We would usually find this out before the event day and make you aware if it is going to take longer than an hour.

When does the band start playing?

This depends on event type and has many factors. We always get in contact with you and your event manager to find the best timings.

For instance at a wedding we usually play a first dance around 8 o'clock along with a mini-set and then play our other 2 sets later in the evening.

With Corporate events and Balls we usually start playing around 10pm.

Does the band provide music between and before sets?

Yes we provide pre-mixed song playlists through our PA system meaning you have a constant flow of music.

These are suitable for whichever type of event we are playing.

Our Imperial package offers a full DJ service if this is a feature that you would like for your event.

Can I come and watch the band play live before I book?

Unfortunately we do not play many public events as all of our work is private, however, we do have loads of live unedited videos and audio on our website, Facebook and YouTube.

Can you learn our first dance and can we make special requests to add into your set?

Playing a couples first dance live is a really cool thing and so long as it's suitable we love to play it!

If we don't already play it we will rehearse it and let you know if it works or not.

If there is a song that you just have to have during our sets that isn't in our song list then please ask us, again we will do our best to play it.

You can make a list of all your favourite tunes from our songlist and send them to us. We will then make a setlist based around your choices.

Does the band provide their own PA system / Lighting equipment?

Yes, we are completely self-contained so you don't need to worry about a thing. We use a top specification full range PA system with access to larger systems for events over 600 people. We also provide full lighting rig for the band.

How much space do you need?

We have never not fitted into a venue but of course the more space we have the better the show we can put on for you.

If we can have a minimum of 4 x 4 metres that's great. 

How much power do you need?

We require at least 4 independent 13 amp sockets. If your marquee company has requested details, please advise that our PA system and lighting use approximately 15kw and a single 16amp power supply is not sufficient and can potentially damage our equipment. 

Are you insured and do you have PAT test certificates?

Yes we have PLI and are PAT compliant. If your venue requires our documents just ask and we will send it to you/them.

How do I make a booking?

Once you have checked that we are available on your date then just message us to say "Yes, let's go for it!"

Then James from the band will arrange your contract and send it out to you along with our Terms & Conditions. 

Once we receive your booking fee and signed contract we will confirm and then you get ready to party!

What requirements do the band have?

We try to be as low maintenance as possible but there are a few things that make us rock out even more. We need a hard surface to perform on which is safe and free from any passing persons. 

So we can give you a killer performance we ask for a soft drinks tab at the bar and an invitation to your evening food, there's nothing worse than a hungry drummer! If we are playing for a ball or corporate event then a supplier or bar meal is great.